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USB Cable Seal Cap

TAPP CAPP is a 3BR Powersports patented* seal cap that provides weatherproof protection to a USB cable when plugged into any of the family of TAPP all-weather USB power ports except Panel TAPP Lite**. TAPP CAPPs are resistant to dust, water splash, spray and even heavy water wash down.

TAPP CAPPs are an available option on all 3BR Powersports USB cables. They are also available as a separate field installed part for installation on any USB cable with a Type A plug on one end.

TAPP CAPPs are molded from the same rugged Brulloy™ rubber that is used on our Baryl power jacks and plugs. Brulloy is a true MP rubber, not a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) such as polyurethane. Whereas TPEs must be specially treated to resist environmental damage, Brulloy is inherently resistant to ozone, UV, grease, and oil. It can withstand service temperatures from -130° to 225°F (-90° to 107°C)!

Note: Due to the protective skirt that surrounds the USB plug, TAPP CAPPed cables cannot be plugged into standard USB ports such as those on PCs and other power ports.

*Patent# 7914306



TAPP CAPP Field Installation Kits allow any USB cable to be quickly and easily made into a weather-proof CAPPed cable without the use of tools.


Includes one TAPP CAPP, self fusing attachment tape and installation instructions.

PN 150-0043-01
Price: $9.95

USB Cables

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All 3BR Powersports USB cables are available in standard form or with TAPP CAPP.


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To us engineers, right angle means a 90° angle. It doesn’t matter what direction it faces as long as it’s 90°. However, when we talk about USB plugs, the direction the plug faces with respect to the wire exit direction makes a big difference.

Our cables with right angle plugs have a modifier following the “right angle” description that identifies the cable exit direction. The direction is specified with respect to the plug when looking down at the top of the plug with the wide side of the metal shell facing toward the viewer. The illustration shows the orientations.




3BR Powersports USB cables have three connector plug types:

TYPE A – this is the common USB plug that plugs into a PC or power ports. It is always the “host” or master end of the connection.

TYPE B Mini – this plug was introduced by the USB organizing group in answer to the need for a small USB plug for portable devices.

TYPE B Micro – As portable devices got smaller and smaller it became apparent that the Type B Mini was too tall (thick) so a thinner plug was developed. The Micro plug is the same width as the Mini but much thinner.

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